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Club Software

Cybrain Zambia is aware that Clubs be it sports, exclusive groups require to manage their members using automated processes. Clubs cannot afford to miss membership anniversaries as compliance is vital for revenue generation. We have a ready made solution to support your club management. To automate how you interact with your club members please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.

Healthcare Software

Health is wealth. At Cybrain Zambia we have solution to automate how your healthcare service interacts with your patients. The solution provides an end to end interaction with your stakeholders. To automate your healthcare provision services please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.

Biometric Attendance System

The Cybrain Zambia Biometric Attendance System (BAS) is a great tool for managing the time and attendance of staff. This information system tool collects attendance data of employees using biometric identifiers. Our BAS have highly advanced finger scanners that can store thousands of fingerprint templates and transaction records.
There are many offices and institutions with BAS for recording the time employees arrive and leave the workstation by scanning their fingerprints. It enhances accountability, transparency, and flexibility within the workforce. Besides recording attendance, it also prevents unauthorized entry into the organization’s workplace.

Why Choose the Cybrain Biometric Attendance System?
  • Simple to operate system, user-friendly and accessible for all employees
  • Supports over 1,000,000 transaction records without interruptions
  • High user capacity of your entire workforce
  • High-speed performance for high traffic of employees
  • Durable scratch proof scan
  • Battery backup and TFT Display

SMS Management System

SMS Management systems have become crucial for most businesses. Cybrain Zambia provides the most reliable SMS Management System for clients to manage their campaigns effectively. Our rates for bulk SM services are the most affordable in India.
Our system allows businesses to quickly send large groups of SMS or single messages through the internet straight from the web.

Key Features :
  • Simple user-friendly Interface
  • Quick Messaging to multiple customers
  • Simple SMS messages scheduling for future date/time
  • Easy SMS Message forwarding/replying
  • Allow Long SMS Messages
  • Detailed SMS messages reports
  • Categorizing of customers (contact groups)
  • Easily Customizable SMS templates
  • Instant Messaging to Individual customers

eLearning System

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