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ICT Consultancy
Website Design & Development
Digital Marketing & SEO
Mobile App Development

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Website Design & Development
At Cybrain Zambia we develop websites and web applications that match your requirements. Our Web Developers are in tune with current design and development trends to make your online presence current and match other companies on the digital go. Our frameworks will deliver a similar look and feel of your website regardless of the device that you use.To get your business online today, please get in touchwith us on details appearing on our contact page..
Digital Marketing & SEO
Your business has to stand out from the competition regardless of your address. Your web address is not at all limited by your location. In order to have users globally find your website and interact with you, Cybrain Zambia will help you get that number one spot in search results. Our team is experienced in user personalization and digital marketing. To get your into the top tier of search engine results, please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.
Software Project Management and Software Quality Assurance
Engineering is a very old profession. It has given Software Engineering a solid pedestal to spring from. In all engineering projects quality assurance is the preserve of an independent consultant who assures that the contractor has built the bridge,road,airport to standard and to required quality. At Cybrain Zambia we want to lessen the number of white elephant software investments that companies have had by being the Project Managers and Quality Assurance partners of choice. To get your Software Development, Project Implementation,Software Enhancement project to be delivered within time,budget and quality please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.
ICT Systems Audit, Cybersecurity & e-Discovery
There is always a time that you need to rely on a partner to take a look at your processes, assist you align with best practice and industry standards in Cybersecurity. There are even more times that you require a hand to assist you with certifying the security posture of your systems,how they are developed,how they are deployed,how they are managed and above all whether they are still developed to meet today’s changing development landscape. To get a hand please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.
ICT Consultancy
At Cybrain Zambia we understand that there are many areas that we can partner with you as you drive your organizational digital transformation agenda.

We are your trusted partner for the following areas:-

  • - ICT Governance Consultancy
  • - Business Continuity Consultancy
  • - Disaster Recovery Consultancy
  • - Cloud Services Strategy and Implementation
  • - Systems Integration
  • - ERP Deployment & Consultancy
  • - Big Data Consultancy
  • - e-Government Consultancy
Mobile App Development
Mobile App development is a process of creating a software application for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It involves a series of steps to write software for mobile devices. At Cybrain Zambia we ensure amalgamation of human brain and tech innovation while creating most adaptive and responsive solutions in mobility.Our core offerings include implementing modern innovative technologies to transform your business. We help you turn your ideas into reality, our experienced and dedicated team makes sure that you get the best results by enabling digital workflows and promising timely delivery. To get a hand please get in touch with us on details appearing on our contact page.